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Our Mission.

Northern Apex Solutions was founded to support a specialized niche within the expedition cruising, adventure tourism, and natural resource/research industries. We excel at providing outdoor professionals & organizations with bear safety equipment and expertise custom tailored to our client needs.

Firearms & Accessories

Northern Apex Solutions is here to provide standardized full system firearm and accessory kits customized to the professional needs of our client’s teams.   From rifles and shotguns to deterrents and consumables our kits will ensure that our clients are equipped to function in the harshest environments, year after year.

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Storage & Transportation Solutions

Northern Apex offers long-term firearm storage options at our secure and monitored facilities.  While your equipment is in transit and in the field we utilize custom cases designed specifically to protect and secure your assets.

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Training & Certification

Northern Apex wants your team members to perform their roles safely and with confidence.  In collaboration with accredited industry partners we provide training and certification opportunities anywhere on earth, both online and in person.

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Global Logistics
& Maintenance

Specializing in the global distribution and resupply of bear safety equipment to and from our long term secure storage facilities. We will make sure that your gear reaches its destination in top working condition.

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Let’s Connect.

Email: info@northernapexsolutions.com